Monday, April 19, 2010

That Was the Preface, Here Comes the Build Up

When I went to college, I threw myself into school. I went to college about 5 hours away from home for two reasons: 1. Because it was the best place to go to become a teacher and 2. Because it was as far away from home as you could go without leaving the state. For many reasons, I no longer wanted to be close to my hometown. It was a place full of good and bad memories, with the bad very much outweighing the good. If you know me well, you know that I rarely go to visit my hometown anymore to this day.

Anyway, my first few years of college were interesting. I was in a long-term relationship and we were engaged. I truly in my heart thought that we would get married. I was working my bootie off to put myself through school and wanted to make my older brother and sister proud. They had both gone to college and had done well, so being the youngest in my family, I wanted to do the same. I made some new friends, but kept MANY of the old and always had a good time when not studying.

Then it was the end of the world, or so I thought! My boyfriend and I broke up. At the time of our break-up we had been living together for a few years. We were going separate directions in our lives and just grew apart. I mostly blame myself, but I knew that in the end it wouldn't have worked out. Still to this day I am grateful for that relationship because it was a loving one that outlined for me what I wanted out of relationships in the future.

I was still recovering from our breakup when my room mates at the time wanted to go out to the bar. I wasn't really into it that night, but we all went together. We met these guys there and started talking. They were really funny, crazy, and having a VERY good time together. My room mate thought one of them was cute, so she somehow convinced me to go to the dance floor with her so she could get a closer look. One thing lead to another and she ended up slow dancing with him, while I got stuck dancing with his friend.

Turns out his friend was this amazingly nice, cute guy who was also going to school to become a teacher. We talked, and drank, talked, and drank. At the end of the night, he asked to walk me home the one tiny block to our apartment. My room mate would not let him come with us. As we walked away he asked for my number. I turned around and shouted it out to him as loud as I could. He didn't write it down or anything, so I figured that was the end of it.

The next day, the phone rang. My room mate said, "It's for you and it's a guy!". I was so confused but picked up the phone anyway. He had actually called me to ask me out. Long story short, that man has now been my husband for almost 6 years. He still claims that I am the only girl who gave him their number that he actually called in college. Lucky, lucky me!

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  1. I'm learning some new things about you! Knew most of this, but not all. I love the story of how you two met! But I just tell people, "They met at UNI." The amazing thing is that Eric remembered your number after imbibing all night. See, things are meant to be....